The Road Ahead…

I’m sorry outdoorphin seekers… I have been too overwhelmed with work to provide myself with many outdoorphins as of late… I will get back to it!
But until then…

Quebec City, Quebec

Times Square…

From Times Square above to Times Square from ground level. Looking downtown into Times Square…

Times Square - High Contrast clouds

So yes this is a Photoshopped shot. It looks very apocalypse-like to me…


Storm passing through…

Last week there was an intense storm that passed over NYC. When the storm passed through I was safely indoors.. indoors happened to be in a building on the 14th story of a building in Times Square. An awesome way to watch a storm roll through!

View looking towards the west as the storm approached.

View looking towards the west as the storm approached.

The New Years ball a glow in Times Square during the storm.


US OPEN 2010…

I got a chance to go to the US Open this year.. it was an early round but still are really cool time… And I was lucky enough to go when it was blazingly hot… I don’t think I could have handled the wind, cold or rain delays.

Looking up at Arthur Ashe Stadium

Night at the courts.

Night at the courts.

View from inside Arthur Ashe Stadium.


September 11, 2010…

Every year I’ve lived in NYC I’ve seen the blue memorial lights that soar upward from the site of the World Trade Center site. This year was no exception. Although this year, as I drove by it on Sept. 11th around midnight, I got to see it up close. What an amazing sight! Firstly.. the blue lights don’t come from the WTC site itself but actually from a building 2 blocks downtown and the lights attract hundreds of migrating birds that are drawn to the towering lights. As a side note the blue lights, although beautiful reek havoc on this migratory birds trying to go south for the winter. Despite this there still is something mystical about seeing the flickering of the birds in the beams of light in the sky…


09/11/2010 - Black and White


Labor Day Weekend… dog playtime…

The end of summer is a sad time for me… I think it’s psychological because in my head I still associate the end of summer with the start of the new school year. Even though that is no longer the case I still look at labor day weekend as the END. But in reality there is still more weekends of nice weather to be had.
And after an awesome bike ride to an empty baseball field with the dog … I look forward to spending a few more days outdoors before the long sleeve weather begins….

Playing Catch

Dog in motion

near catch


Taking a breather