Blue Skys and warm ocean waters…

Although it was less than a week since I was on the beach in Miami… it feels like an eternity!…


Miami Beach



Miami beach = Ocean = happiness



Sandy toes..


When do I get to go back?


Tornados, Hail, Floods… its the midwest…

… NO its Brooklyn!

Last night I experienced the most amazing storm I have ever witnessed in my entire life! I’m not joking… and I know I am not alone… as this consensus was reached as myself and my neighbors gathered at the doorway of our brownstone stoop and watched quarter to golf ball size hail fall to the street, lighting illuminate the sky and the busy street that we all live on turn into a literal river.

I did my best to capture it all but I must admit I am no photojournalist and the awe of the scene kind of took my breath away.

But here is a few shots and some links to some videos taken from the doorway of my brownstone…


A cab negotiates it way through the rain water



Looking down to Smith and Atlantic - Hail accumulation on the sidwalk



Huge hail accumlated on the stoop.


And some video…

Still curious… here’s an article from the NYTimes…



So it feels like I was in Chicago a long time ago.. actually it was a season and a few months back but I finally had the chance to upload the photos (yes I know what kinda of photographer am I???)…


The Chicago River

Looking up from the River

Architeture of DC mirrored in a building


Flowers and the chicago mass transit

Eye art in downtown chicago