staying warm…

I’m sorry that I have been so awful about posting! I don’t know what it is.. I haven’t been super busy at work, I have had enough time to cook at home… I just feel like I might be coming down with the winter blues. We have had a heavy winter here in New York City so far and, well, I don’t know if I have completely acclimated yet – or really felt unfrozen since November. But it does look like this little guy knows how to do it…

unnatural winter tree.

…And I’m only going to get colder.. as I have a few trips planned for even colder climates in the coming weeks… stay tuned… hopefully I’ll be able to take my hands out of my gloves long enough to snap some photos :).


The blizzard that killed my vacation…

… oh how I enjoy winter! The snowboarding, the dark beers in a warm bar when its cold outside, an excuse to stay in and sit on your couch all day and watch movies, wearing a beanie, the smell of real wood on a fireplace… the list goes on.
What I don’t enjoy about winter is how it can change my eagerly anticipated vacation plans in an instant…. So with that… instead of photos from a ski trip to Lake Tahoe 😦 here are some photos from post blizzard Brooklyn.
Still pretty… but it ain’t California….

December 2010 - skyline and snow covered promenade.

Downtown Brooklyn - the well travelled route.

tree shadow approach to the promenade.

Snow covered bikes - December 2010

Cheers to all though for a Happy 2011!