…Fort Collins, CO and the NEW BELGIUM brewery :)…

Finally we made it to, our much anticipated stop, at the New Belgium Brewery aka home of Fat Tire beer!


The tour of the brewery was awesome…



By far one of the BEST brewery tours we have ever been on.. Here are some highlights…
…personalized fat tire bikes…


…funny beer mirror…


…the chance to pour draft beer – 1554 – which is New Belgium’s unique Belgium-style dark beer. Which we learned was resurrected from a 450 year old Belgium beer recipe…

… AND a chance to go down the spiral slide in the brew house…


Obviously after the brew tour we went on the second part of our Fort Collins adventure which meant we bought as much Fat Tire as we could to transport back to New York (because they don’t distribute in the Northeast)…

After watching Joe pack the car I began to wonder if the car swap in Las Vegas was really a well orchestrated plan to get a car with a larger trunk.
-r. & j. (&c.)

One thought on “…Fort Collins, CO and the NEW BELGIUM brewery :)…

  1. I expect my Fat Tire to be waiting for me on your kitchen table when you arrive back home. I’d like a chilled glass, please.

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