It’s getting spooky out…

… as in the weather. I mean it’s Halloween too – but seriously – the weather is the most scary stuff I’ve seen in a while.

Here is a photo from our drive back from upstate on Saturday afternoon… this should NOT be happening in October!

So what better way to celebrate the first snow? Hunkering down in a bar of course…


Wine by candlelight

bathroom mirror.

The way out...

Cheers to that.


Portland, Maine…

A recent weekend trip to see some friends get married in Portland, Maine allowed for some oceanside photo opportunities…

Light House in the New England fog


fog walk


tree along the water


curious seagull


The wedding was beautiful as well too… and the sun made it’s appearance on cue as well… 🙂

Pat and Eleanor getting hitched!


New York City… end times…

Maybe the sudden change in the weather (yesterday long jog over the Brooklyn Bridge in a tanktop  and today hunkered down with a sweatshirt looking through the window at gloomy skies)… but these photos certainly fit the bill for the my mood. Although they were taken during a rather beautiful day a few weeks back…

cemetery to city view

light beam on midtown

No matter how long I live out on the east coast there will be something very difficult for me knowing that summer is over and that colder months are ahead. Don’t get me wrong the colder seasons have their redeeming qualities… the amazing leaves of fall or the unworldly quiet in the city after a snowfall. But I will always love the summer… for all of its fun, socializing and of course outdoorphins ;).