…Fall in upstate!…

We are so lucky to be able to get out and enjoy nature outside the city (although there are plenty of outdoorphins to enjoy within the city too) as much as we do! Thankfully, in part, to all the wonderful friends we have in upstate New York!
Two of our upstate friends tied the knot this past fall on Brant Lake on a beautiful weekend! Here’s a collection of fall photos from their wedding weekend….



Additionally an HDR shot that I just couldn’t pass up posting :)…


… Authentic NYC…

Part about what I love about New York City is all the little pockets of different worlds you can find within it. One of these places where you feel like you’ve stepped into another time and place is in Corona, Queens. Here we stumbled upon a game of bocce being played by Italians and being observed by, what appeared to be, fans and passerby’s alike.





…Stick Bug!…

A summer adventure brought us to discover this little guy!!

It was amazing how when he was, safely, moved from the tire back to his home on ground level he was camouflaged so well with the fallen leaves and twigs on the ground!


Evolution is so intriguing!

For other masterfully disguised creatures check out this….


…Ohhhh Sandy…

Walking around in your own neighborhood and being one of the lucky ones is really an odd feeling. I had my camera with me as I walked around DUMBO the day after Sandy brutalized the east coast. I only snapped a few shots; maybe I was overwhelmed, in a state of shock or truly realizing how lucky we were. These few photos don’t capture nearly the enormity of the situation but here are the shots I snapped….





…Yet despite the insanity around it… The Brooklyn Bridge still stood mighty and strong…

And, now, having been a part of one of this monumental NYC events I am amazed at the community my city, of 8 million, has. I wish everyone could take the kind of love and commitment they have towards helping each other and embrace it without having a natural disaster be the root of it.

Fall at the lake…

So the LONG hiatus of no outdoorphins has come to an end!

I am back… (and married)! Now that the overwhelming project of planning my wedding is D-O-N-E I can get back to more important things…. Like posting all the photos that I have acquired in the last few months!
Although I will be the first to admit I was an AWFUL photographer this past summer and fall (I blame bride brain).

However I was able to capture a few shots from our Lakeside wedding cottage the Friday before our wedding; the calm before the storm (… no literally it rained… c’est la vie… I still got married :)…

… the light changed so quickly as the sun began to rise…

The pup exploring his surroundings 🙂

View of the wedding campground from the trees