Night flight…

There is something humbling about flying into New York City and seeing the never-ending buildings that blanket all the land in sight. It turns magical when it is dark and all you see is lights as far as the eye can see. It truly makes you realize the vast amounts of people in such a concentrated area and all that entails for a society, city and a lifestyle. However, for a far more simplistic take on the view, it also creates a pretty nice photograph….


See you in 2013!

…a fall evening on the lake…

Still love sunsets! That will always be one of my most loved times of day!
And because this summer (and fall) have been full of sunsets that I didn’t post photos of (or didn’t even take photos of because… Gasp…. I didn’t feel like taking out my camera) here is one beautiful one from this past fall…


One good thing to look forward to as we approach winter is all the upcoming (although we all know it is actually here!), dramatic and breath-taking winter sunsets!
And I promise I will post them :)!