… snowy country landscape…

I have to hope that winter 2013 is winding down…
of course there is plenty of time for another huge snowstorm!
But as I eagerly anticipate warmer weather it is nice to appreciate the snowy landscape (even though I’m kinda over it ;)…

_MG_6256 copy

_MG_6257 copy


… like a kid again…

Feeling like a kid again is great…




…. until you get attacked with a snowball (which seem to hurt more when you are an adult).

And the creation of a snowman take on a whole new meaning…



… we can’t just make snowmen anymore but some sort of sculpture reminiscent of Easter Island architecture.

Regardless of the permanence of the sculpture’s we are always so happy that they have been created!


… A very special Happy Birthday wish to someone who is young at heart and who I hope to be having snowball fights with for years to come.


… Happy February… its COLD…

I don’t know if it was always like this, but I think that February is the height of winter in NYC. Or maybe it is just the point at which I am done being cold and ready to expose my skin to sunlight again. Thankfully most of us can stay warm indoors… its amazing how the “wildlife” (if you want to refer to overly friendly pigeons as that) have adapted to city life. Check out these pigeons using a subway grate as heating source. Gotta say maybe they’re more evolved than we think….

IMG_0929 copy-r.