South American cloudscape..

As winter creeps up and change is on the horizon, I am remembering spring from Argentina and Chile… where the autumn colors were in full bloom. For the next few posts a series of photos from South of the Equator…




…a fall evening on the lake…

Still love sunsets! That will always be one of my most loved times of day!
And because this summer (and fall) have been full of sunsets that I didn’t post photos of (or didn’t even take photos of because… Gasp…. I didn’t feel like taking out my camera) here is one beautiful one from this past fall…


One good thing to look forward to as we approach winter is all the upcoming (although we all know it is actually here!), dramatic and breath-taking winter sunsets!
And I promise I will post them :)!


Made it to Wyoming and got to experience some of the most unbelievable scenery!

First stop though was in The Badlands…

The sight sprung as if out of nowhere out of the flat green plains…

From there it was on to Mount Rushmore…



Right outside of the black hills we saw an immense amount of smoke… Although we couldn’t see or smell the fire – the smoke was still a picturesque sight…



The evenings drive however culminated in an amazing sunset!

We are trekking into Yellowstone today :)- Capone is loving the sights…

-r. & j. (&c.)

From the air…

Prior to leaving for vacation.. I came across a flickr member’s site with an incredible collection of aerial photos taken from the seat of a commercial plane… obviously I’ve taken photos from the window’s of planes before but this time I took ALOT. So there will be two rounds… this first set is from the flight from New York City to Vail…

Above the clouds.

farm country.

The slopes of Vail, CO


Leaving on a jet plane…

…well Ive arrived in Vail… and enjoying a bit of snowboarding and relaxation. With that there won’t be any other posts the rest of the week. But you can expect some Vail snow photos next week…:)

For now here are some photos taken from the vantage points of planes …

Cloudscape from above (with a dirty airplane window).

Entering the San Francisco Bay.

New York City from above - Manhattan (with Central Park on the left), Roosevelt Island and Queens to the right and the Bronx above.

Airplane on a beautiful summer day (the third to the last window is my favorite).