… and so we said goodbye …

Life always seems to work that you get yourself comfortable and situated in your surroundings and then WHAM… life reminds you that it is still here (and fleeting). The reminders are sometimes good and sometimes bad. And the only way to truly make sense of it all is to remind yourself that if these things in life didn’t happen than you would forget how important living truly was.

Our bad reminder came as my relatively newly minted husband and I were less than 2 weeks out from our honeymoon adventure of a lifetime when we were confronted by the realities of life.



Our loving, trust-worthy and, yes there for EVERYTHING companion passed away after 12 years of bringing joy to EVERYONE he met. In the span of less than a month we saw him disappear and when the time finally came to say goodbye we knew it was the right thing to do. In the big picture of things … I guess we can be considered lucky that it was one hardest things either of us ever had to do, collectively or separately. But it still hurts and we miss him everyday.

So as we embark on this once in a lifetime adventure (which I will be posting photos of); we know that we will be appreciating every moment and thankful for every second we have on our trip. Because, in some way, the dog leaving us when he did made us acutely aware of what we have, where we are and how quick life passes.


Want to see lots of outdoorphins of how great he was?

Fall at the lake…

So the LONG hiatus of no outdoorphins has come to an end!

I am back… (and married)! Now that the overwhelming project of planning my wedding is D-O-N-E I can get back to more important things…. Like posting all the photos that I have acquired in the last few months!
Although I will be the first to admit I was an AWFUL photographer this past summer and fall (I blame bride brain).

However I was able to capture a few shots from our Lakeside wedding cottage the Friday before our wedding; the calm before the storm (… no literally it rained… c’est la vie… I still got married :)…

… the light changed so quickly as the sun began to rise…

The pup exploring his surroundings 🙂

View of the wedding campground from the trees


…simma summer…

We have definitely had a few very hot days outside. You didn’t need to check the weather to know that however I my iphone reminded me when it started to overheat!


… The hot weather, although at times unbearable, mean we are in the thick of SUMMER and that means road trips with dog in tow 🙂