…Stick Bug!…

A summer adventure brought us to discover this little guy!!

It was amazing how when he was, safely, moved from the tire back to his home on ground level he was camouflaged so well with the fallen leaves and twigs on the ground!


Evolution is so intriguing!

For other masterfully disguised creatures check out this….



Fall at the lake…

So the LONG hiatus of no outdoorphins has come to an end!

I am back… (and married)! Now that the overwhelming project of planning my wedding is D-O-N-E I can get back to more important things…. Like posting all the photos that I have acquired in the last few months!
Although I will be the first to admit I was an AWFUL photographer this past summer and fall (I blame bride brain).

However I was able to capture a few shots from our Lakeside wedding cottage the Friday before our wedding; the calm before the storm (… no literally it rained… c’est la vie… I still got married :)…

… the light changed so quickly as the sun began to rise…

The pup exploring his surroundings 🙂

View of the wedding campground from the trees


… Illinois, Iowa, Nebraska, South Dakota…

Our longest drive day to date took us through 4 states and over 800 miles (and my lovely chauffeur has graciously driven them all :))!





There have been lots of exciting sights along the way…
Lots of farms houses….

A random sculpture garden….

Some seriously cool (and huge!) wind turbines…

But mostly lots of…


We also stopped for dinner in Omaha, Nebraska…

….Um yeaaa… They’re a little behind the times out here….

And Capone for the most part is enjoying the sights..


-r. & j. (&c.)

Summertime green… Summertime adventure…

Getting out and about in nature is what makes my heart skip a beat… and this year I’ve taken the time to live life to the fullest! Stay in touch with me as I embark on a summer of travel – with hopefully stories and adventure.

its green

… I promise it will be way more exciting than this photo 😉


Old snow…

It snowed over a week ago in New York City… I love when it snows in the city and hate when it sticks around too long.

The snow is covered in dog pee (and people pee… sometimes), trash (two types… trash that has not been picked up by the sanitation department and the trash that is just scattered about) and the black soot that gathers on the snow from pollution, dirt and salt.

Trash on snow in Brooklyn

I think some warm weather and a street cleaner would be nice right about now…


Remembering the outdoors…

So maybe it hasn’t been all that cold in New York City this past week. And as I leave work and it isn’t pitch black out … I start to think of summer … and one of my favorite places – YOSEMITE.

Here are few shots from Yosemite in the summertime… that I’ve taken in the recent past. Looking at them makes me want to go back… even if right now it is a snow covered landscape!

The Yosemite Valley

Half Dome as scene from the valley floor in Yosemite National Park

A stream just outside of Yosemite National Park

And what would a post be with out a crazy sunset photo… this is one of my ALL TIME favorite sunsets!

The Sunset on a summer's night outside of Yosemite National Park