…NYC at night and ALWAYS in motion…

Our fall was full of amazing weddings (and not just our own:))!
One of my wonderful friends married her amazing partner this past fall at a wonderful venue at the south street seaport overlooking Brooklyn!


The views were almost as breathtaking as the wedding (and the couple) itself!


Crumby weather…

Today is the kind of rainy, gross day that you stay curled up  in a blanket, on your couch, at your apartment all day watching movies (or for me probably catching up on bad reality TV shows). Unfortunately I had to venture outside to work… these are the kind of days that driving to work would be a dream!

So last night the bad weather crept in – this is another night shot while driving over the Brooklyn Bridge (don’t worry I was not in the driver’s seat 🙂 ) while the storm took a brief hiatus…

Evening Drive over the Brooklyn Bridge