…Ohhhh Sandy…

Walking around in your own neighborhood and being one of the lucky ones is really an odd feeling. I had my camera with me as I walked around DUMBO the day after Sandy brutalized the east coast. I only snapped a few shots; maybe I was overwhelmed, in a state of shock or truly realizing how lucky we were. These few photos don’t capture nearly the enormity of the situation but here are the shots I snapped….





…Yet despite the insanity around it… The Brooklyn Bridge still stood mighty and strong…

And, now, having been a part of one of this monumental NYC events I am amazed at the community my city, of 8 million, has. I wish everyone could take the kind of love and commitment they have towards helping each other and embrace it without having a natural disaster be the root of it.


We spent the past 2 nights hanging out with friends at their home in Hoosier country…

…getting to see the sights including the Sun King Brewery (super yeasty batch of Oktoberfest beer!)

And a great bike ride through the trails…

… Not to mention, experiencing some of the outdoor freestanding art of the Indiana Museum of Art gardens!



Such a nice relaxing 2 days …

… But now we have begun our stint of long drives (anywhere from 10-14 hours each day) to get us out west :)!

-r. & j. (&c)

Shots from the River…

There are a few free things you can do in New York City… most of them aren’t that cool.

Taking the Ikea Shuttle for free though is definitely one of the more enjoyable NYC free options!…

Downtown Manhattan

Helicopter taking off into ominous cloud cover.

Statue of Liberty

Brooklyn Bridge and DUMBO