… like a kid again…

Feeling like a kid again is great…




…. until you get attacked with a snowball (which seem to hurt more when you are an adult).

And the creation of a snowman take on a whole new meaning…



… we can’t just make snowmen anymore but some sort of sculptureĀ reminiscentĀ of Easter Island architecture.

Regardless of theĀ permanenceĀ of the sculpture’s we are always so happy that they have been created!


… A very special Happy Birthday wish to someone who is young at heart and who I hope to be having snowball fights with for years to come.


It’s getting spooky out…

… as in the weather. I mean it’s Halloween too – but seriously – the weather is the most scary stuff I’ve seen in a while.

Here is a photo from our drive back from upstate on Saturday afternoon… this should NOT be happening in October!

So what better way to celebrate the first snow? Hunkering down in a bar of course…


Wine by candlelight

bathroom mirror.

The way out...

Cheers to that.