… Authentic NYC…

Part about what I love about New York City is all the little pockets of different worlds you can find within it. One of these places where you feel like you’ve stepped into another time and place is in Corona, Queens. Here we stumbled upon a game of bocce being played by Italians and being observed by, what appeared to be, fans and passerby’s alike.





…Stick Bug!…

A summer adventure brought us to discover this little guy!!

It was amazing how when he was, safely, moved from the tire back to his home on ground level he was camouflaged so well with the fallen leaves and twigs on the ground!


Evolution is so intriguing!

For other masterfully disguised creatures check out this….


…simma summer…

We have definitely had a few very hot days outside. You didn’t need to check the weather to know that however I my iphone reminded me when it started to overheat!


… The hot weather, although at times unbearable, mean we are in the thick of SUMMER and that means road trips with dog in tow 🙂