The heart of the ‘choke… yum…

Sorry about the lack of posts lately… The weather has been kinda crummy (…until today…) and I haven’t had a free moment!… But with warmer weather comes more outdoorphins!!!!



So being back at work after a vacation is possibly the worst thing ever… Especially when you were so active on the vacation that you didn’t really “vacation” so to speak. With that… my VAILcation was great… amazing snowboarding, quality snow, bluebird skies and amazing company!

Here’s a few shots of the surroundings…

Mountain above Vail Village.

Skier Sculpture in Vail Village

Beautiful, warm and the slopes = heaven!

Stream running through Vail Village.

Polar Bear ice sculpture... he was melting a bit 😦

Ice Ear in Vail Village

Fire burns in a metal fire pit in Vail.

Full moonsetting in the morning sky in Vail.

Sigh… back to work.



It has been pretty comfortable weather the last few days but last night the air had a winter chill to it… I got to my place around 9:30 – not super late – but the streets were eeriely quiet. Even though I am one of a few million people that live in this city.. its amazing for a brief moment to feel like your alone.




I do love snow… and I do love winter. However I am not typically a fan of how early it becomes dark…

The worst is leaving work in darkness.

But it does make for some fun night time photo ops!

The Moon over the Chrysler Building - 14th street at Highline Park

A night view of the Throgs Neck Bridge

New York City in motion