… like a kid again…

Feeling like a kid again is great…




…. until you get attacked with a snowball (which seem to hurt more when you are an adult).

And the creation of a snowman take on a whole new meaning…



… we can’t just make snowmen anymore but some sort of sculptureĀ reminiscentĀ of Easter Island architecture.

Regardless of theĀ permanenceĀ of the sculpture’s we are always so happy that they have been created!


… A very special Happy Birthday wish to someone who is young at heart and who I hope to be having snowball fights with for years to come.


… to Lake Tahoe…

I was lucky enough to spend some time in Lake Tahoe…

… if this was a normal winter than the landscape would have been a winter wonderland (in addition the road this photo was taken on would have been closed due to snow)… but this year there was no pretty white stuff. And although we still tried our hand at skiing I preferred the hike we went on in 62 degree weather. While on the trail I actually saw snow…

… which unfortunately was only nice in photos because in reality it was old, hard and crunchy… since the snow we uncovered on our hike was from a storm in October!

I’m hoping that as the winter progresses Tahoe gets a bit of snow or else it will be a very hard coming year for the water supply of the Bay Area!