… like a kid again…

Feeling like a kid again is great…




…. until you get attacked with a snowball (which seem to hurt more when you are an adult).

And the creation of a snowman take on a whole new meaning…



… we can’t just make snowmen anymore but some sort of sculpture reminiscent of Easter Island architecture.

Regardless of the permanence of the sculpture’s we are always so happy that they have been created!


… A very special Happy Birthday wish to someone who is young at heart and who I hope to be having snowball fights with for years to come.


Above the Heights…


It seems like a fleeting memory but it was warm enough, not too long, that strolling along the water was a good idea. However right now it would be beautiful it would undoubtedly be too cold!
So in memory of the not too distant warm weather behind us (and in our future).. enjoy these photos from a walk through Inwood Hill Park this past fall.





…Ohhhh Sandy…

Walking around in your own neighborhood and being one of the lucky ones is really an odd feeling. I had my camera with me as I walked around DUMBO the day after Sandy brutalized the east coast. I only snapped a few shots; maybe I was overwhelmed, in a state of shock or truly realizing how lucky we were. These few photos don’t capture nearly the enormity of the situation but here are the shots I snapped….





…Yet despite the insanity around it… The Brooklyn Bridge still stood mighty and strong…

And, now, having been a part of one of this monumental NYC events I am amazed at the community my city, of 8 million, has. I wish everyone could take the kind of love and commitment they have towards helping each other and embrace it without having a natural disaster be the root of it.