South American cloudscape..

As winter creeps up and change is on the horizon, I am remembering spring from Argentina and Chile… where the autumn colors were in full bloom. For the next few posts a series of photos from South of the Equator…




Leaving on a jet plane…

…well Ive arrived in Vail… and enjoying a bit of snowboarding and relaxation. With that there won’t be any other posts the rest of the week. But you can expect some Vail snow photos next week…:)

For now here are some photos taken from the vantage points of planes …

Cloudscape from above (with a dirty airplane window).

Entering the San Francisco Bay.

New York City from above - Manhattan (with Central Park on the left), Roosevelt Island and Queens to the right and the Bronx above.

Airplane on a beautiful summer day (the third to the last window is my favorite).