… Happy February… its COLD…

I don’t know if it was always like this, but I think that February is the height of winter in NYC. Or maybe it is just the point at which I am done being cold and ready to expose my skin to sunlight again. Thankfully most of us can stay warm indoors… its amazing how the “wildlife” (if you want to refer to overly friendly pigeons as that) have adapted to city life. Check out these pigeons using a subway grate as heating source. Gotta say maybe they’re more evolved than we think….

IMG_0929 copy-r.


To steal a headline from one of the 24 hour news station… ¬†SNOWMAGEDDON 2010!

Now I get it .. if this was say Phoenix and they got a snow storm… then… SNOWMAGEDDON!!! But this is New York City during February… its winter people!!

Ok now that I’ve vented… enjoy some photos… of the infamous… <insert ominous music here> SNOWMAGEDDON 2010!…

Calm before the storm - Downtown Brooklyn.

Morning of the storm - view from my bedroom window.

Corner of Hudson and Houston

Hudson Street Snow 1

Hudson Street Snow 2

Ice Fence.