Philharmonic 2010 …. the other borough…

I got the privilege this year of getting to listen to the Philharmonic in not only Central Park but in Prospect park in Brooklyn. And although there will always be fond memories of all the Philharmonics I’ve heard in Central Park the Prospect Concert was great. Not that the music was any more amazing but that it was not as organized, more free-flowing. Kinda like Brooklyn!

Here are some night shots from the Philharmonic in Prospect Park…

Neon Lights illuminate - Prospect Park, Brooklyn

Fireworks in Motion - Prospect Park, Brooklyn

Fireworks in Prospect Park, Brooklyn


Celebrating… with fireworks

I am a self-described pyro. I love how fire looks and I get absorbed into the warmth of it all. Fireworks although beautiful always have scared me a bit. Especially when they are being lite off a nearby roof in Brooklyn, NY.

4th of July Fireworks - Brooklyn, NY

… still pretty though.

Hope everyone had a safe and fun 4th of July. So glad summer is here!