Lake Placid in the fall…

So I will admit it… I have done an AWFUL job of keeping my blog up and going these last couple of months … I do have a slew of photos.

So here is the first in a series of NEW outdoorphins (hopefully!)…

Trip to Lake Placid…









… and all that activity can really tired an old dog out :)…




…Fall in upstate!…

We are so lucky to be able to get out and enjoy nature outside the city (although there are plenty of outdoorphins to enjoy within the city too) as much as we do! Thankfully, in part, to all the wonderful friends we have in upstate New York!
Two of our upstate friends tied the knot this past fall on Brant Lake on a beautiful weekend! Here’s a collection of fall photos from their wedding weekend….



Additionally an HDR shot that I just couldn’t pass up posting :)…


Fall at the lake…

So the LONG hiatus of no outdoorphins has come to an end!

I am back… (and married)! Now that the overwhelming project of planning my wedding is D-O-N-E I can get back to more important things…. Like posting all the photos that I have acquired in the last few months!
Although I will be the first to admit I was an AWFUL photographer this past summer and fall (I blame bride brain).

However I was able to capture a few shots from our Lakeside wedding cottage the Friday before our wedding; the calm before the storm (… no literally it rained… c’est la vie… I still got married :)…

… the light changed so quickly as the sun began to rise…

The pup exploring his surroundings 🙂

View of the wedding campground from the trees


Fall hiking…

.. the end of fall is nearly here and winter will be here..

I like winter I do… cuddling up with some hot chocolate and watching (or in my case falling asleep during) a movie 🙂 or hitting the slopes for some boarding. But I am a warm weather outdoorsy girl and well, the beginning of winter does not come without a tear.

I was lucky enough to get 2 back to back hikes in these past 2 weekends…


Beaver Pond in the Catskills



"I am not a deer" - hiking outfit.



Some more autumn leaves…

As I mentioned fall leaves are some of my favorite things to photograph…

and because its so cold out… here’s a little more fall leaves :)…

Central Park Pond on an Autumn day

Hiking is something that I have always loved but now living in New York City it takes on an element of necessity … to keep my sanity for one! 🙂

There’s something indescribable about being surrounded by quiet and nature that makes you feel completely connected to everything and yet around nothing…

lone autumn tree - Upstate New York

View on a hike in Upstate New York - Note the volture and then in the far background the airplane. Nature meets Technology.

With Fall comes Thanksgiving… I just like this photo:)

Pumpkin Decor- Quebec City, Quebec