Night flight…

There is something humbling about flying into New York City and seeing the never-ending buildings that blanket all the land in sight. It turns magical when it is dark and all you see is lights as far as the eye can see. It truly makes you realize the vast amounts of people in such a concentrated area and all that entails for a society, city and a lifestyle. However, for a far more simplistic take on the view, it also creates a pretty nice photograph….


See you in 2013!


…NYC at night and ALWAYS in motion…

Our fall was full of amazing weddings (and not just our own:))!
One of my wonderful friends married her amazing partner this past fall at a wonderful venue at the south street seaport overlooking Brooklyn!


The views were almost as breathtaking as the wedding (and the couple) itself!

… we do live in New York…

I’ve seen the construction of the 9/11 memorial from the very beginning and it has been a slow process… For a while I wasn’t sure if ANYTHING was ever going to start being constructed for the memorial. Finally however construction began. And although it is far from complete I got a chance to take a tour of the 9/11 memorial.

Although it isn’t complete I highly recommend a visit.


It’s getting spooky out…

… as in the weather. I mean it’s Halloween too – but seriously – the weather is the most scary stuff I’ve seen in a while.

Here is a photo from our drive back from upstate on Saturday afternoon… this should NOT be happening in October!

So what better way to celebrate the first snow? Hunkering down in a bar of course…


Wine by candlelight

bathroom mirror.

The way out...

Cheers to that.

Philharmonic 2010 …. the other borough…

I got the privilege this year of getting to listen to the Philharmonic in not only Central Park but in Prospect park in Brooklyn. And although there will always be fond memories of all the Philharmonics I’ve heard in Central Park the Prospect Concert was great. Not that the music was any more amazing but that it was not as organized, more free-flowing. Kinda like Brooklyn!

Here are some night shots from the Philharmonic in Prospect Park…

Neon Lights illuminate - Prospect Park, Brooklyn

Fireworks in Motion - Prospect Park, Brooklyn

Fireworks in Prospect Park, Brooklyn