on the runway…

Before take off at the Mont-Tremblant airport…



From the air… part two…

Here is the finale of the from the air photos – Vail to New York City…

Boarding the plane via stairs... gotta love small airports.

Plane Nose.

I apologize for the ridiculously dirty window… ick.

Taking off from Vail Airport.

... and we're off...

Departing Vail

Vail Mountains covered in Snow.

Plane Shadow in the Clouds.

Lake Ontairo covered in ice.

Approaching Manhattan Skyline.

An A train makes its way to the Rockaways

Happy Friday!


Leaving on a jet plane…

…well Ive arrived in Vail… and enjoying a bit of snowboarding and relaxation. With that there won’t be any other posts the rest of the week. But you can expect some Vail snow photos next week…:)

For now here are some photos taken from the vantage points of planes …

Cloudscape from above (with a dirty airplane window).

Entering the San Francisco Bay.

New York City from above - Manhattan (with Central Park on the left), Roosevelt Island and Queens to the right and the Bronx above.

Airplane on a beautiful summer day (the third to the last window is my favorite).