… like a kid again…

Feeling like a kid again is great…




…. until you get attacked with a snowball (which seem to hurt more when you are an adult).

And the creation of a snowman take on a whole new meaning…



… we can’t just make snowmen anymore but some sort of sculpture reminiscent of Easter Island architecture.

Regardless of the permanence of the sculpture’s we are always so happy that they have been created!


… A very special Happy Birthday wish to someone who is young at heart and who I hope to be having snowball fights with for years to come.



Philharmonic 2010 …. the other borough…

I got the privilege this year of getting to listen to the Philharmonic in not only Central Park but in Prospect park in Brooklyn. And although there will always be fond memories of all the Philharmonics I’ve heard in Central Park the Prospect Concert was great. Not that the music was any more amazing but that it was not as organized, more free-flowing. Kinda like Brooklyn!

Here are some night shots from the Philharmonic in Prospect Park…

Neon Lights illuminate - Prospect Park, Brooklyn

Fireworks in Motion - Prospect Park, Brooklyn

Fireworks in Prospect Park, Brooklyn


Just a walk in the dog park…

The storm over the weekend… didn’t bring much snow to the city. But in Brooklyn we got a good dusting… enough for a trip to the dog park to play with the dogs in the snow! It was cold but the dogs didn’t seem to mind…

Ready , set...


Snow snout...

Stella - not looking so white in the snow.

Definitely will be back again… hopefully with a little more feeling in my fingers so that I can take a few more photos!