Are you ready for some football…

… Giants vs. Packers game in December…

Had a chance to go to my second football game and my first outdoors!… I will admit I was a bit worried but the weather was actually quite tolerable!

The Meadowlands

Staying warm in style




The blizzard that killed my vacation…

… oh how I enjoy winter! The snowboarding, the dark beers in a warm bar when its cold outside, an excuse to stay in and sit on your couch all day and watch movies, wearing a beanie, the smell of real wood on a fireplace… the list goes on.
What I don’t enjoy about winter is how it can change my eagerly anticipated vacation plans in an instant…. So with that… instead of photos from a ski trip to Lake Tahoe 😦 here are some photos from post blizzard Brooklyn.
Still pretty… but it ain’t California….

December 2010 - skyline and snow covered promenade.

Downtown Brooklyn - the well travelled route.

tree shadow approach to the promenade.

Snow covered bikes - December 2010

Cheers to all though for a Happy 2011!