… float…

“But, for all that, they had a very pleasant walk. The trees were bare of leaves, and the river was bare of water-lilies; but the sky was not bare of its beautiful blue, and the water reflected it, and a delicious wind ran with the stream, touching the surface crisply.”

– Charles Dickens



The Road Ahead…

I’m sorry outdoorphin seekers… I have been too overwhelmed with work to provide myself with many outdoorphins as of late… I will get back to it!
But until then…

Quebec City, Quebec

No thank you!…

Over the past few days I had the chance to talk to people who had a confession to make … that they read my blog!

It made me pretty happy… because although I look at the number of views that my blog gets… it’s so nameless.

So whether I’m helping you get through your day at work with a little distraction, just giving you something nice to look at or inspiring you to get out and enjoy the environment around you (even if its cold outside). Thank you and enjoy… that is, afterall, the point of getting outdoorphins ;).

Ivy on fence in Tribeca.