New York in the 80’s and 90’s was full of amazing graffiti… so even though NYC has cleaned up a lot of it… it still lingers.

Some as just tagging…

Graffiti on a dilapidated building in the West Village.

Close Up of tagging in Tribeca

Some as art…

City Scene in Long Island City

And sometimes I even get into the act…

Me grafitti-ing at the Brooklyn Museums Graffiti Exhibit sometime in 2006



I do love snow… and I do love winter. However I am not typically a fan of how early it becomes dark…

The worst is leaving work in darkness.

But it does make for some fun night time photo ops!

The Moon over the Chrysler Building - 14th street at Highline Park

A night view of the Throgs Neck Bridge

New York City in motion


First Snow…

There is a something magical about the first snow fall in New York City. Over this past weekend we got it and LOTS of it. And the remnants of the storm are still in mass around the city… unfortunately it is already turning into that grayish slush which reminds you that it is New York City. Except in Central Park…

Winter Storm in New York City's Central Park

A snowy view from Central Park looking into downtown Manhattan

Looking forward to another storm!! Happy Winter :)!


Sometimes you just have to look up…

As of late I have had alot of near fatal collisions with people while walking… Is it me or is NO ONE looking at where they are going? .. They are looking down at their phone texting or emailing…

If people looked up .. they would get to see the skyscrapers reaching into the sky…

Time Warner Center - from Columbus Circle

A view from Bryant Park nearing Dusk

Daytime looking up in Times Square

The buildings are a stunning example of architecture… But sometimes taking a look at a skyscraper of nature can be equally as amazing…

Looking up at a Giant Sequoia - Mariposa Grove, California

…And alot more quiet.


Early Morning…

As I have mentioned… Im rarely up early enough to appreciate the sunrises…

If I’m lucky enough to wake up AND if I’m ambitious enough to pick up my camera… I capture the “golden hour”

The golden hour through the window of my Stuyvesant Town apartment

In photography, the golden hour is the first and last hour of sunlight during the day, when a specific photographic effect is achieved with the quality of the light.
Thanks Wikipedia… I couldn’t have put it better myself 🙂


Some more autumn leaves…

As I mentioned fall leaves are some of my favorite things to photograph…

and because its so cold out… here’s a little more fall leaves :)…

Central Park Pond on an Autumn day

Hiking is something that I have always loved but now living in New York City it takes on an element of necessity … to keep my sanity for one! 🙂

There’s something indescribable about being surrounded by quiet and nature that makes you feel completely connected to everything and yet around nothing…

lone autumn tree - Upstate New York

View on a hike in Upstate New York - Note the volture and then in the far background the airplane. Nature meets Technology.

With Fall comes Thanksgiving… I just like this photo:)

Pumpkin Decor- Quebec City, Quebec


Where did fall go?

Maybe I was too busy.. but it feels like I blinked and fall was over 😦 One of my favorite things about living on the east coast is watching the leaves change…

And in New York City it can be a dramatic contrast of skyscrapers and nature…

Autumn Leaves - Central Park looking downtown

New York City Marathon - 2006

I was lucky enough to travel upstate near Rhinecliff, NY to go apple picking this fall against the backdrop of yellows and oranges..

Shadow of fallen autumn leaves - Rhinecliff, NY

Trees reflect into a stream - Rhinecliff, NY

Not only were the sights beautiful but the apples weren’t so bad either!

Fall's last crop of apples - Rhinecliff, NY



Nature and New York City are two things that do not typically go together. I know this… I love the outdoors and I live in the cement forest that is NYC.

Flying into New York City

Seeing the natural beauty in such a unnatural environment often takes a little more searching. But it is there sometimes you just have to look beyond the skyscrapers and crowds of people to see it.

Flowers bloom on the Upper East Side, Manhattan

The sun obscured by clouds looking over the Hudson River onto New Jersey from Highline Park at 14th street

Or if you’re lucky enough.. you get to escape the city all together. And remind yourself that there are still spaces larger than Central Park.

Mountains somewhere between Arizona and California

This photoblog is all about visually sharing the natural environment that I have discovered while I’ve lived in New York City but also showcases some of the outdoor images I have captured while outside of New York City.

Because lets face it New York City might be a great city… but sometimes you just need some fresh air.